4 Nifty Renovation Tricks for your Attic Space

4 Nifty Renovation Tricks for your Attic SpaceAt some point, every homeowner is probably going to want some extra space, be it for a new bedroom, a home office, or—if you’re a guy—a man cave. An often-underutilized space in many homes is the attic, making a common and smart option for you to renovate your home without making a drastic addition.

Below are some smart tips on how to renovate your attic as smoothly and quickly as possible.

1. Check Local Building and Safety Codes

Enforcement of building and safety codes varies around North America, but in Canada, attics are usually not intended to be living spaces, so you may want to check with a contractor if a renovation is possible. You’ll also want to hire an engineer to check your house’s foundation and see if it can handle the added weight.

2. Go for Ceiling Fans

Rare is the attic with huge floor space. A ceiling fan makes for a clever addition to your attic, as it oscillates air, generating a cool breeze during the summer. Come wintertime, you can then use the same fan to push warm air to the floor. Just be sure you have the headroom for a fan.

3. Beef Up your Floors

The fancier, more expensive option to reduce noise in your attic floors for the benefit of those downstairs is to replace the planks with beefier floor joists. If this is not an option, you can fill the floor bays with insulation to reduce movement. Another low cost option is to add carpet or rugs to areas known to creak.

4. Shell Out the Extra Cash for Spray-Foam Roof Insulation

Although it costs at least twice as much as fiberglass batt insulation, spray-foam roof insulation forms a much tighter air seal, and you get the same level of insulation with just a few inches of the stuff, giving you more headroom. You want to keep the attic warm and toasty, and since it’s closer to the roof where most heat escapes, it requires some special insulation measures.

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