4 Tips for Making your Living Room Look Better with Light

The curious thing about lighting is that when it’s done right in a room, you can hardly notice it’s what makes things appear fresh and spacious. But when the lighting’s off, you know there’s a problem.

Whether it’s for general tasks, reading, or just idling around at home, great lighting has a powerful effect on our quality of life. And where better to get your lighting down pat than in your living room? Here are some tips on adding both functionality and style to your home’s most frequented living space using light.

4 Tips for Making your Living Room Look Better with Light1. Layer your Light Sources

Go to any fancy café or coffee shop, and you’ll notice several different light sources switched on at the same time. To get this same effect at home, you can layer your light and install different light fixtures across the living room, eliminating shadows from corners.

2. Hang a Chandelier

A chandelier is a classic way to light a living room, also serving as the focal point and naturally drawing people’s eyes to it. Position it in the middle of the room, preferably above the main seating area (usually a couch). The variety of chandeliers can make choosing one tricky; just make sure the chandelier’s style is consistent with your living room’s entire look.

3. Install Sconces

A pair of sconces installed on each side of a fireplace or mirror can also serve as a room’s focal point, while also providing accent lighting to areas you want to highlight. They’re more of a mood-setter; their soft light complements the atmosphere of a low-lit room, perfect for relaxing evenings spent in the living room.

4. Go for Recessed Lighting

Recessed lighting is a staple in every lighting designer’s list of recommended light sources. They’re unobtrusive, work with practically any kind of light bulb, and do their job well in providing general lighting. If you want to increase your recessed lighting’s flexibility, you can install dimming switches to control the brightness of their light. This allows you to turn your lights all the way up if you need more light, and turn them down when you want to relax.

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