4 Tips to Take the Pain out of a Home Office Renovation

4 Tips to Take the Pain out of a Home Office RenovationAlthough renovating parts of your home, like your home office, can be a rewarding investment, both to your productivity and the value of your home, it can be tough having to make a disruptive change to your workspace.

For many people, their home office is often a mess, albeit a controlled one. Because of this, you may be hesitant to make a change in the magnitude of a major renovation, thinking it means having less control and even more chaos in your office, what with possibly adding new furniture, moving things around (which can often mean losing things), and losing track of certain office items.

Here are 4 tips to make a renovation less painful and more hassle-free.

1. List Things Down4 Tips to Take the Pain out of a Home Office Renovation

A renovation is the perfect time to make an inventory of your home office items, taking note of what you use frequently, and what you can pack away—and maybe even sell or donate to charity—while renovating the area.

2. Backup your Data

Renovating your home office often means having to cut power, something that may result in loss of data in your hard drives, especially when writing data. Backup all essential data just in case things go awry with your storage.

3. Take Photos Before Renovation

Taking a photo of things like tech setups (e.g. routers, network cabling, power lines) that need to broen down before a renovation makes it easier to reassemble them after the job. You’ll thank us for all the time you save.

4. Label, label, label

The last thing you want to do is scramble through several boxes trying to find out where you stored which item. The rule is simple: store your things according to a category and LABEL the box or container.

These tips may seem simple, but they work wonders in speeding things up and preventing the small headaches you might get during the renovation process.

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