Basement Waterproofing – Basement Drainage Solution

Are you tired of seeing water creeping inside your crawl spaces? Before going for big changes, you should look for simple solutions like filling the gaps or unclogging the pipes.

Plugging gaps:
If you happen to find that water is seeping in your basements making way through gaps and cracks of any pipes, then plastering it can be a hack. You can make use of cement to cover such cracks which can stop the water from protruding in your basements. But this plastering and plugging of gaps can only work when there is a small hole or crack on the pipes and not when there is a whole lot of water seeping in from the floors or any other place.

Plugging Gaps

Cleaning the pipes:
Sometimes, clogging or accumulation of unwanted materials builds up pressure in the pipes. This also results in water seepage. So get your drainpipe cleaned and free it from any clogs and blockages so that it can carry water away from your house.

Cleaning The Pipes- Basement Renovations in Toronto

Now if you have waterproofed your basements and still held up with such things, then probably an ineffective water drainage system may be the reason behind your headache. An inefficient drainage system can cause water to seep into your basements. So here is how you can keep the water off your basements:

Gutter extensions:
You can easily add gutter extensions to your basement to keep water away from your basement. One can make use of metal or plastic gutter extensions for the same. But there is one drawback to such gutter extensions. You may accidentally run your lawnmowers over them and cause it to break. There can be other reasons also for the breaking of the pipes. Thus underground drainage pipes can serve to be a more feasible option.

Gutter Extension- Basement Renovations in Toronto

Crown restoration:
If it happens that you have plugged the gaps making use of cement but still water drips from the walls then probably the reason is lack of proper drainage. Your house should be made on a slope which is also known as the crown place so that water can be drained off easily. Sometimes it happens that your home which once existed on a crown spot may have settled down due to soil which may have dropped to a lower level causing the foundation to settle down. This may cause issues in drainage due to the non-existence of slope. You can try to restore the slope to sort out the drainage issues by hiring experienced basement renovation contractors.

Crown Restoration- Basement Renovations in Toronto

Check for the footing drains:
If you are witnessing water seeping inside from the walls or seams, then it may be due to hydrostatic pressure. Due to the hydrostatic pressure, the water gets pushed to the floors from the ground. Thus you need to check for any cracks or issues with your foot drains. And, if you happen to find any, you should get it fixed right away.

Footing Drain- Basement Renovations in Toronto

Curtain drains:
If you do not have foot drains, then you can get curtain drains installed at your home. It will help in diverting the underground water that is traversing towards your home.

Curtain Drain- Basement Renovations in Toronto

Pumping out the water:
If you are not able to take control over the outside water that is creeping in your basement, then you have to take charge of it from the inside. You can consider pumping out the water to save your basements from suffering such water-related issues. A sump pump can be installed inside, which can help in shooting the water out of your house.

Pumping Out Water- Basement Renovations in Toronto

So these were a few ways in which you can get rid of the water that seeps in your basements. So the next time you find water seepage in your crawl spaces, make sure you find out the reason behind it and implement these methods to get a basement free of water.

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