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If you think that bathroom design is really nothing more than a luxury and that it does not matter what that room looks like, then you probably won’t invest your time or money into upgrading it.

The smallest room in the house – your bathroom – likely gets the most use. No matter if you are young or old, male or female you spend a lot of time in the bathroom.

You want the bathroom to be cozy and appealing, not just for your guests but for you too. You live in a living room or a family room. You cook and eat in a kitchen and dine in the dining room.

A great bathroom design starts with the basic elements. Your bathroom will be used for the obvious reason in addition to bathing, brushing your teeth, shaving, styling your hair and make-up.

Bathroom Design – Toronto bathroom renos

While your bathroom is small, the ideas you might have in mind can be very grand which can become very expensive. From a budgeting perspective, you need to set your must-have‘s versus wants. In other words, establish your budget and the design rules and guidelines will fall into place.

First and foremost, you have to know if you are going to need a contractor for what you have in mind. Secondly, you will need to know if you are going to need a permit to do the work and in 95% of case, no permit is required.

If you want to push out a wall in other words add an extension or addition, you will likely require a permit. An experienced contractor can advise you before you get started.

Bathroom design and renovations in Toronto can be as simple as changing the colour schemes and the flooring. You may choose to have a major overhaul, a complete custom redesign which may require tearing down walls and moving all fixtures, replacing the old tub and shower, aged toilet and outdated sink and cupboard.

Bathroom Reno problems – time and experience

You were wise and hired a professional to design the sumptuous bathroom remodelling job. When you opt to project manage or do the job yourself beware of the following common problems.

1. If you do the work yourself and/or with the help of a friend, do you have the time to finish it quickly? You likely don’t have the tools required to do each job. Realistically, you will run out of materials or purchase wrong items which will necessitate multiple trips and wasted time to the home improvement store.

The project will likely take weeks to complete. Your entire family will be inconvenienced and you will be continually reminded of these delays. You may then choose to give up and hire a professional mid-way throughout the job. The contractor may not be readily available to immediately finish your renovation.

2. Do you have the skill set to supervise the multiple professionals which include a plumber, electrician, tiler, dry wall paper, and painter? More importantly, can you count on them to arrive on time and do the job without delay?

Expect scheduling problems! For example, if the plumber is two days late or parts don’t arrive on time, the next professional is likely not available when you need him. In other words, the job can take weeks when you are the project manager vs. the contractor who supervises all of the trades.

Professional bathroom reno contractors – few delays

Experienced contractors have a pool of professionals that they can rely on. For example, if the designated plumber on the job is called away unexpectedly, is sick or has family problems, another qualified plumber will be called to complete the plumbing job. The advantage to you is that it mitigates unnecessary delays.

Do-it-yourself bathroom renovators – beware

Above all, if you need to engage a contractor mid-way through your project, it can be twice as expensive. Why? They need to repair or completely re-do whatever work you or your friend has done incorrectly. But in reality – the work was truly fouled up.

NOTE: If you have additional ideas or ways you have reduced your stress during any bathroom renovation please email us and we’ll add the tip to this blog post.

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