Easy Bathroom Renovations – No Permit Needed

There are many bathroom renovation jobs that do not require a contractor or a building permit. Some jobs are fairly easy. If you have not done them before, you can get all of the how-to information you need online, from your local home improvement centre or attend a workshop.

Simple bathroom renovations – affordable and easy to do

There are many items that you can do yourself include lighting, floor and wall tiles and accessories (towel bars, doors, etc.) These projects are all relatively easy and can be done in just a short time with the proper tools and materials – and patience!

Lighting – Lighting projects can be as simple as changing a light fixture and applying new switch plates. Or you may want to put up a new bathroom mirror and install track lighting above it for plenty of lighting for shaving, putting on make-up and doing hair.

Floor Tiles – When it comes to floor tiles, your choices are virtually unlimited. Tiles are can be easy to install without the need of a contractor or a permit. In fact, if you really want to make the job easy, there are self-adhesive tiles that go on easily and look great.

Tip 1: Ensure each and every tile is level by measuring. A quick trick is to use a block of wood instead of a measuring tape.

Wall and Counter Tiles – These look great in bathrooms and can be simple to install with a bit of cement or grout. You can buy tiles in a number of shapes and sizes, as well as many different colors and patterns. A tiling job can be done in less than a day if you put your mind to it.

Tip 2: If you purchase natural stone, marble or granite tiles you need a wet- saw to cut the tiles. An experienced contractor is likely your best option when working with these types of materials.

Accessories – Installing accessories is probably one of the easiest bathroom renovations you will do, but it is still very important. It only takes a few minutes to install towel bars, and it is almost effortless to add a new shower rod, especially if you use choose a retractable one. Another accessory you may want to install is a set of grips for getting in and out of the bathtub safely.

Tip 3: For a secure grip it’s best to screw it into the tiles which require special tools and knowledge to ensure it’s properly supported. After all, you don’t want to fall when it comes out using this support grip.

Bathroom renos – professional experts

No matter what bathroom renovations you plan on doing, ensure that you know what you are doing or get help from someone who has professional experience.

Although permits are not required in about 95% of bathroom renovations, seek the expertise of a contractor before you attempt to do the bathroom reno yourself.

NOTE: If you have additional ideas or ways you have reduced your stress during any bathroom renovation please email us ad we’ll add the tip to this blog post.

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