Helpful Tips to start your 2nd Storey Home

Houses come in all shapes and sizes. While larger homes are nice, especially if you have an expanding family, sometimes you only have a small home and buying a bigger one isn’t an option. If that’s the case for you, adding a second story to your house could be the right choice.

But when is the right time for you to build a second story onto your existing home? Can you safely add one?

Here are helpful tips that you can help you decide if this major renovation is right for you.

Helpful Tips to start your 2nd Storey HomeThe Need to Add a Second Floor

Adding a new member to the family means a bigger demand for space. If you don’t have a large yard to put in an extra room, or a basement to renovate, your only choice may be to go up. And while having a construction crew working on your house for several weeks, may not be pleasant, it beats having to double up and feeling crushed in your own home.

Can You Build It?

First of all, you need to consider the foundation of your home. Be sure to hire a professional inspector to assess your home, because soft soil, a weak foundation, pressure from water or roots, can make your house unable to accommodate more weight. Another consideration is the existing materials and structure of your home. Light materials which are suitable for a single story home, could crack and break under a second story. If any of these are present in your home, you may need to entirely rebuild the 1st floor, or at the very least strengthen the foundation, so that it can carry the weight of your second floor. Ignoring these simple tips will lead to a disastrous, and possibly deadly situation.

When to Start Building a Second Story

After getting your assessment and the go ahead to build a second story, you need to consider the timing. If it’s winter, adding a second story is possible, but not advisable. The snow and ice makes construction difficult, and more dangerous, adding to the price. Spring, summer and early fall are the best time to begin construction, unless you need to have it done immediately.

Finding the Best Contractor

Do not try to save money by doing the work yourself, this is only going to end in tears and frustration. Hire a professional contractor. And don’t just pick a name out of a hat. Contact a number of construction companies, and ask for references along with quotes. The more references the company provides, the better, and be sure to contact them all. Ask how well the work has held up, what the contractors attitude was like, did they get it done on time, were their any problems and if so how did they get settled.

You want to add value to your home, and give your family the living space they deserve, don’t rush in without an idea of what you need done. Take your time and get it done right the first time.

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