How to convert your old basement into a new multi-function apartment?

Are you facing space crunch at your home? Are you always heard saying I am falling short of space and I want some addition to the back of the house in Toronto? Home additions and extensions can provide you with some extra space to store your stuff. But have you ever noticed your basements? You can change your basement into gaming zone or an apartment.

You might be wondering how basements can serve you right, but the catch lies here. You can easily remodel your basements and give wings to your home extension goals. Yes, you heard it right the unwanted and unnoticed basements can create and ambiance you would love to unwind in. So here are a few super awesome ways in which you can transform your dirty basements into a functional apartment.

Work on the entrance
You might have been tired of seeing your dirty basements so what about getting it explicit its beauty right from the start? Yes, we are talking about the entrance of your basement. You can first get it secluded from the actual entrance of your house. Now give it a superb entry space which has all the powers to beautify your basements at the very first spot. It will let everyone entering the doors to fantasize at the very first step they gain entry. You can call in for the experts of the basement renovation to assist you in the entrance beautification task.

Plumbing and wiring chores
Your basements have stayed unattended for long and building it up as a functional place also demands you to take care of the plumbing and wiring chores. You can call in for the renovation companies in Toronto and seek assistance from them to check the existing layout. They will further let you know how to upgrade your basements in an effective way taking care of the wiring and plumbing needs as well.

You must be well aware of the functionality and usage that windows offer in a house. And, if it’s your basement, you must be very well aware of how vital windows are. Thus you can get egress windows installed in your basements by calling in the experts of Home Renovation Toronto to add more light to your space. This will also help in getting some proper amount of ventilation in your house and allow adequate airflow. 

Moisture protection
A leaky basement can be a reason for you to worry about the same. So if you opt for home additions contractor in Toronto to remodel your basements into living space, you need to drive out the moisture and humidity level in the room. You can call in for the waterproofing experts to get your basement waterproofed for the same reason. This will ensure that there are no traces of water patches showing up on your walls and ceiling bringing in unpleasantness.

Upgrade your floors
If you wish of having a perfect living space in your basement, then in no ways can you omit your flooring plans. Inspect your floors thoroughly and upgrade them by calling in for the professionals’ of Basement Renovations Toronto. This can give you a reason to fall in love with your floors and step in style. There are lots of viable options to choose from when you talk about flooring, consider implementing one of them to get a floor that you would fall for.

Bottom Line
So these were a few ways in which you can breathe in new life to your old basements. To acquire more living space, you may have opted for second floor Additions Toronto before. But this time, try out some basement renovation to convert your basement into a multi-function apartment. Basements can be converted into a functional space, try using the above hacks and get an area which you will never regret. Read our previous blog about basemen and understand best and affordable basement renovation methods.

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