How To Give Your House Summer Makeover

Quick Summer Makeovers for Your Home (Because You’re Going to be Home a Lot This Year)

COVID-19 separation, and working from home aggregates into a big mental driver that many people’s homes need a bit of makeover. Fortunately, there are a lot of good ideas that can be applied to make your 2020 “staycation” or home office tenure a lot more enjoyable and comfortable.

1. Jazz Up the Yard

Summer flowers and plants are very affordable, only take a few hours to prepare and transplant a number of them, and then irrigate with simple drip line hosing for watering. With both the new flowers and a new bed of bark for the surrounding area, you practically remake outside the look of your house. This is an old, low-cost secret real estate agents practice all the time to spruce up the look of a home in spring and summer.

2. Faux Plants You Say?

You might not want all the work of real plants or be concerned they may leave stains on your carpet underneath the plant pot base, but you can always utilize fake plants for a similar flora look in your house. Adding in a couple of fake plants, trees, and little bushes at your door entrance on the outside can go a long way towards changing the overall feel of your home. And today’s fake plants look amazingly real, even up close.

3. Start with the Kitchen Renovation

Kitchen Renovation

Aside from the bedroom, the kitchen is one of the most lived-in rooms in a home. If you’re going to have both a visual and personal impact, this is one of the best places to start. You’re not likely to change out your major appliances, but you can create dramatic color change and upgrade to all your regular plate ware and utensils for food preparation easily. Change out your cutting boards with new ones, get new oven mitts and hot plate handles in your favorite bright colors, and get a new set of cooking ladles and tongs. All three changes will upgrade your kitchen instantly with what you do most, cooking. Summer is also great for colorful, vibrate summer plates. Consider getting a summer set; the prices tend to be very affordable and they give you an instant change to the look of your kitchen every day. Finally, your kitchen towels are probably tired and could use a swap out as well. Brighten up the room with new towels you can find at just about any store.

4. Living Room Function Or Home Improvement

Who says your accessory tables in the family room can only serve one purpose? Replacing them with some affordable new ones allows you to get new tables that have sizable storage in them and stowaway space. This in turn helps reduce the clutter around your family room that otherwise occurs with everything left on the coffee table or your couch. It’s also a good place to store the couch throw because it’s too hot to be covered up with a couch blanket in summer unless your AC is on frigid setting.

5. Add Some New Patio Furniture

New Patio Furniture

You’re likely going to be home a lot this summer and both the mornings and evenings can be great time to be outside. So, make yourself comfortable changing out the backyard furniture with a new table set and chairs. Most patio sets are very affordable and come with umbrellas as well for shade. You can’t go on a vacation, but you can pretend you’re having a cold drink in the hotel pool area anyways.

6. Bathrooms Are Not Left Out

Is your private commode looking a little tired and worn down? Change out the bath curtain, towels, and seat cover. You’ll be surprised how fast the bathroom actually looks interesting again with a clean splash of décor and removal of worn-out similar items. Get away from the plain shower curtain and make sure you get one with a vibrant print. The colors will reflect off the walls and change the tone of your bathroom quickly as well.

7. Define Your Walkway

Your internal home looking a little bland? Try adding some rugs with color to offset the blandness of the floor. Large Arabic rugs in a family or main room can change the environment of a home in a day, and runners make your hallways a lot more interesting to walk through as well. Very decent rugs and the runner can be had at your local hardware stores. Just make sure to get some rubber mats for underneath or your rugs will seem to move on their own across your floor over time.

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