Kitchen Wall Shelving and Racks Design Ideas

Kitchens are a space where you can do wonders to cook delicacies that maybe a yummy tummy affair. Cooking is the very first thing that may come in your mind while talking about kitchens, but what about the kitchen ambience? Your kitchen ambience should also be open enough to let you work your magic with the best cooking recipes for your family-mates or friends. Getting a designer and trendy kitchen with some decorative shelves to boast about is all that one may need to give their boring kitchen a fresh look. And the best part is, there are ample concepts to try. May it be the rustic look, vintage design or even the traditional style, and there are lots of décor styles to implement. So here are a few awesome design ideas for your kitchen shelving and racks that you can use to beautify your dull cooking space to a cooking haven: 

Open Shelving: 

Open shelving often turns out to be one of the best  ideas for kitchen design in Toronto and you can try that out for your kitchens too. You might have seen traditional kitchens that encompass closed cabinets for storage. But if you want to try something new at cost-effective prices, then you should consider replacing the closed cabinets with open shelves. May it be a full-fledged kitchen remodeling or just updating the kitchen, open shelving can play the magic of redirecting your kitchens to impressive cooking space. 

Kitchen Open Shelves
Open Shelving

Floating Shelves: 

Gone are those days when you essentially had to stick to the modular shelving traditions. Try out the mix and match floating shelves hack, and see how you can upscale the looks of your cooking space. And the best part about these shelves is that you can position them according to your wish and requisites. You can try different colors to bring that color-coded effect to your kitchens. Also, you can experiment with different sized floating shelves and materials such as steel, glass, etc. for a kitchen that displays eclectic charm. 

Kitchen Floating Shelves
Floating shelves

Live-edge Shelving: 

To create a farmhouse look in your kitchens, you can try out the reclaimed wood shelves to beautify your kitchen space. Not only does it look appealing but it takes you back to the yesteryears farmhouse kitchen rustic style to cherish. You can call in for the professionals fromrenovation companies in Toronto to get live edge wood slabs installed in your kitchens to add the rustic style to your farmhouse kitchen. Wood may be a bit costly in comparison to other materials but not at the cost of the elegance that it can add in your cooking space. 

Kitchen Live edge Shelving
Live-edge Shelving

Hanging Storage: 

Hanging storages are just another piece of style statement to add in your kitchen. It makes your kitchens look balanced and symmetrical. You can install some hanging storage areas opposite the open shelves to create a space that looks cozy and traditional. 

Kitchen Hanging Storage
Hanging Storage

Open Pantry Style: 

If you do not like to install closed cabinets to store your jars and bottles, then another hack is to make use of open pantry. You can transform a spare wall into open pantry style storage to show off your belongings. Not only will it let you keep on display your beautiful; bottles and jars but it will also allow you to have easy access to all your goods whenever you need them. And using this storage hack, you will get to know that apart from the designer case that you get to install at the wall, you will find it to be more functional. It allows you easy visibility and organized storage. 

Kitchen Open Pantry Style
Open Pantry Style

So these were a few excellent ideas that you can make use of to beautify your kitchens. So what are you waiting for? Call in for the  kitchen design professionals now and get ready to know how much it will cost you to renovate your kitchen. You will experience a whole new cooking world with beautified shelves and racks to sing the glory of the space.

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