What Are The Latest Trends In Renovation Industry?

New trends and ideas keep hitting the market. And as a homeowner, it is always good to be aware of these design trends. If you are looking for new designs and patterns for your renovation projects, you should bookmark this article. We have compiled some of the top latest trends and developments that are going to rule in 2021 renovations projects. These insights and ideas will help you make a more informed decision. Without any further delay, let’s get straight to the latest renovation trends!

Here are the most noticeable insights and trends from the renovation industry:


Integration and simplification is the most crucial goal of all 2021 home renovation or remodeling projects. It gives homeowners full control of all the elements such as lighting, security controls, central heating systems, electricals, and other smart-tech.

This has become a major trend, and even most contractors and interior designers offer these services as their USP. And they are right! This trend will certainly keep evolving in the future. So make sure you include it in your home renovation for trendier results.

Rising Cost of Real Estate

Soaring land & construction prices have resulted in significantly higher real estate projects. Without a doubt, remodeling and renovation are more affordable options than investing in a completely new property altogether.

Not only residential but commercial sectors are witnessing the trend too. Both residential and commercial space renovation markets are said to grow exponentially from here despite the cost challenges.

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Focus on Sustainability

More and more homeowners want sustainable solutions for their homes now. Experts say it might be the next biggest home trend taking shape with a high adoption rate. There are no signs of it slowing down this year too. Homeowners are looking for eco-friendly ways of living; to do their part in saving nature.

For greener living, heating, ventilation, and insulation systems should be highly efficient. Across the world, the demand for Solar panels on roofs is gaining pace. People are focusing on solar energy to meet most of their energy demands. Choose your renovation contractor in Toronto carefully who can offer you these bespoke services.

Luxury Projects are in Demand

Luxury is never out of style! Discretionary luxury living is witnessing a strong recovery. Smart homeowners are lapping up this opportunity to shape their renovation objectives. If you were waiting to make value-added investments in your existing property, then this could be the most opportune time for your remodeling or renovation work. Get the luxury you desire in your existing home with a professional renovation expert.


Another key remodeling trend is customizations. Every homeowner wants to shape his home as per their preference. That’s why they ask for customized solutions for their renovation project. Some homeowners want to make their basements to be their man cave.

Some want to get the latest tech in kitchens. Some of them choose to go home additions too. As long as you hire the right contractor, you can get these creative and personalized solutions for your home space, be it bathrooms, living rooms, or kitchen. It for sure has become a new standard from 2021.

Whether you’re looking for kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, basement remodeling, second-floor addition, or any other custom indoor or outdoor renovations, Monterrey Design Build is right here to extend our help. We lay strong emphasis on customer experience and hence all our team members keep a friendly yet professional approach.

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