Money Saving Home Improvement Tricks

Money Saving Home Improvement TricksGoing over the budget is perhaps any homeowner’s biggest fear when renovation is concerned. And you have a good reason to be worried. It’s incredibly difficult not to shell out more money than you want to on a home improvement project, not just because of additions you want, but also because of unforeseen expenditures you might encounter over the course of the project.

The good news is that you can cut costs without necessarily cheaping out. Here are some ways to get your dream home improvement results without sacrificing quality and elegance.

Think Twice Before Hacking Away at your Walls for More Natural Light

Natural light is great. Hacking away at a wall to make a new window? Not so much. Before you cut a hole in one of your home’s walls and worry about the framing, you can turn to less invasive, not to mention cheaper alternatives. For instance, if your goal is to bring in more sunlight to a hallway or bathroom, a light tube, or sun pipe, which you can install between roof raters, can stream in sunshine into your desired spaces.

Go to Recycling Centers

If your home improvement project is a DIY affair, you can really reap big savings by hitting recycling centers and looking for second-hand fixtures and building materials. These items might be used, but many of them are still in good condition.

Organizations like Habitat for Humanity (which operates ReStore branches in Torornto) offer big savings on a wide variety of salvaged materials. The only problem with this option is that most contractors refuse to work with salvaged items and items supplied by the homeowner in general, since they want to avoid any potential liability issues such items might bring.

Look into your Contractor’s Stash

Most subcontractors will have remaining stock items left over from other jobs. Need hardwood? Your contractor might have worked on a bar or restaurant that had too much of it. Most of the time, these items just go to the trash, so don’t be afraid to ask around. You can save thousands in material costs by taking in leftovers.

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