Safety Considerations During a Renovation

Safety Considerations During a RenovationIt would have been ideal if during a renovation work the affected family may relocate temporarily for safety purposes. But alas, this seldom happens and will not be practical for many families. The best thing left to do is for the family and contractor to cooperate in making sure the safety of the family members, especially the children, are guaranteed. Parents will play a major part in keeping the kids out of harm’s way. Some considerations in ensuring the safety of everyone may include the following:

Children’s Safety

Parents should make it a point not to let the children stray into the working area, especially in cases where the child’s room is under renovation. Parents should instill in the children the importance of keeping out from the work area. But even with this warning some kids will be inquisitive that they cannot help but take a look at the work. If this is the tendency of the child, then the parents should make it a point not to leave the children alone.

Dust and Particles

Some people are just too sensitive to the dust and particles that they get allergic reactions or bouts of asthma. This concern should be of utmost importance in the case of children who can easily be affected. The best solution for this would be to put up barriers that will minimize the exposure of dust and other materials. No work should be done unless this preventive measure is made. And to avoid any further damage, dust and particles that have rested on the surface should be swept and removed immediately and must be made before the family gets home for the day.

Risks at Worksite

For the benefit of the workers and for the family concerned, as much as possible risk in the work area should be controlled. Every safety measure must be instituted by the contractor even if it may appear a small task or for a minor work. These safety measures should be in place even when workers have called it a day. This should also include proper storage of materials, especially those that may contain chemicals and other harmful substances. This is vital since children may be curious enough to see the work site knowing that there are no people around. If necessary, the way towards the work area should be enclosed or safeguarded properly.

Waste Materials

Waste materials should not be made to stay in the work area for longer periods. These should be removed and disposed of properly. Leaving waste materials around is only an invitation for kids to be inquisitive and which may lead to untoward incidents. These waste materials may consist of dusts and others may contain chemicals that will only endanger the family members.

Safety Record of Contractor

Safety is a vital consideration in any renovation work so homeowners should make sure that their contractors share the same view. It would be a good idea to check the safety record of a contractor before finalizing any agreement.

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