Bathroom Renovations Toronto

Bathroom Renovations Toronto

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Are you embarrassed about the way that your bathroom looks? Are your bath tub or shower and tiles discoloured or mouldy? Do you have peeling ceiling paint due to too much steam or a leaky roof? Do you have dripping faucets, old fixtures and cabinets that look like they were installed in the 1970’s?

It’s time to do a bathroom remodelling project. We can help with your bathroom renovation. If you can dream it – we can design and renovate a new and beautiful bathroom with our team of dedicated, skilled craftsmen. Since 2001 we have renovated hundreds of our customers’ homes across Toronto.

What To Ask A Bathroom Contractor

Selection Process

Hiring a bathroom contractor can be a very trying process, especially if you have never done anything of this sort before. You need to know how to find the right person for the job that you have in mind. Understand their level of skill and expertise, the cost and their shared vision for your bathroom reno.

Some homeowners are fine to sit back and let the contractor tell them what needs to be done or not required. Other contractors are perfectly fine with being told exactly what to do and when to do it.

You should find a company who listens to your vision but understand it. Their role is to help bring it to life which is the key to a successful bathroom renovation. This is our preferred style of working with you.

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Seek Experience And Expertise

Finding the right contractor can be as simple as calling the person who did such a great job on a friend’s or neighbour’s home. Or it can be complicated when you search through the phone directory or online and are interviewing contractors.

Narrow your search by asking a few simple questions about the experience of each contractor, request to see samples of their work (before, during and after photos), and read the reviews and testimonials.

It is important that your contractor has both the capacity and deep skill set with many years of experience to handle the scope of your project.

Quality And Experience Of Work

Building Code Standards

Based on years of experience approximately 95% of bathroom renos do not require a permit. To learn more visit our Frequency Asked Questions page.

We are focused on knowing the current building code standards and strictly adhere to them. We renovate every bathroom according to the code, regardless of whether a building permit was required.

Why is this important – we do this for your long-term benefit – that’s part of our commitment to make the renovations as worry-free as possible. If a permit were required, it’s critical for the speed of the project and the quality of the work that we can pass the mandated inspections required by the City or Toronto inspectors.

Bathroom Renovation
Bathroom Renovation
Bathroom Contractors

Pricing And Availability

No matter what level of experience or expertise your bathroom contractor, request a written quotation with a breakdown of the costs – materials, labour and project management. You should request and sign a contract with the terms and conditions clearly specified to avoid potential issues once the job is underway.

What is your personal timeframe to see the project started and completed? Do you have house guests arriving – if yes, communicate that in your initial discussions. You may have found the ideal design and the perfect bathroom contractor who can bring that design to life. Confirm their availability to avoid scheduling problems and disappointments.

You may hire your second choice contractor who is available right away. Are you willing to sacrifice too much in terms of quality and reliability? The choice is yours.

Bathroom Renovations

Special Considerations From Health, Comfort, To “Green”

If you are interested in incorporating certain aspects into your bathroom renovation such as “green” fixtures or other design ideas, find an experienced contractor. While many contractors are open to use green techniques to give you the bathroom that you want, there are a surprisingly number of companies that are behind in the times in terms of knowledge and expertise.

If you or any family members have allergies the contractor should be told. Various building materials can affect allergic problems.

Radiant heating is an upgraded feature that you may enjoy. It is a technology for heating indoor and outdoor areas. Imagine stepping out of the shower and putting your feet on a warm floor. You may think it’s a ‘nice to have’ but once you experience it, it will likely become a ‘must-have’ for your custom bathroom.

Above all, who are the users of the eventual bathrooms? Delicate and fancy is great, but will it really be appreciated by a group of teens, small children, or seniors with mobility challenges? If there is more than one bathroom in the home, consider who uses each one the most and fit the designs of each one accordingly.

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