The Value of Underpinning in Renovation

For a person who don’t have background in construction, the term underpin is a really big question. Underpin or underpinning briefly describes the instance where you create a stronger support to a weakened structure or wall. This task is performed by professional contractors only and they are the ones to recommend to you that your house already needs underpinning.

But when does underpinning a need for your home? Do you wait for your wall to collapse before you decide to undergo underpinning?

There are common instances that underpinning is needed and it comes in the form of renovating your home. These instances can be identified in the following scenarios:

The Value of Underpinning in RenovationMoved building structure – soil are capable of loosening or erodes. When soil subsides or just naturally changed its condition, your home is totally affected by it and you will notice it by means of cracks or slanting walls. When these things are already manifested in your house, you should immediately call for a professional help of a contractor.

Expansion above or below the house – when you decide to expand another storey below or above your existing house, you will need a deeper foundation to support the expansion. If you don’t underpin, your whole house will collapse because it can’t contain additional weight of the new storey.

Underpinning is not easy nor a fast process. It takes proper planning and only the services of a professional contractor can perform this type of work. If you decide to do it on your own or ignore the step of underpinning, you will really suffer the risks and consequences of it.

So before you even decide to extend your house and do some renovations, ask for quotations or hire a contractor for professional recommendations so as not to waste your money.

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