Three Suggestions in Implementing Green Renovation

Three Suggestions in Implementing Green RenovationThe concern for the environment is a valid and worthwhile cause that everyone should contribute. One way of doing this is to go “green” when remodeling or renovating your home. By following these suggestions, you can accomplish so much in helping that our environment stays healthy for generations to come.

Buying Green Materials

One way of going green as far as renovation or remodeling of a home is concerned is to insist on using green or environment-friendly materials. These are the materials that are free of harmful substances and those which are derived from sustainable sources.

This is very vital especially on the use of coating materials, such as paints, which have been traditionally associated with harmful substances. Right now, there are materials that are environmentally-friendly while giving the same results.

Using sustainable materials is another way of doing a green renovation. These are the materials that come from recycled materials or those from renewable sources. You can use these types of materials for the walls, decks, and almost all parts of the home. It should be noted that many building materials are produced with so much energy used and producing harmful waste. These are the things that should be avoided.

Following Green Remodeling Procedures

You can show your concern for the environment even in the actual process of the remodeling work. So much energy can be saved if sustainable construction practices are followed. The use of energy can be maximized with the proper scheduling and the use of the machines that are designed to be environmentally friendly. As an example, generators should be turned off if not being used, instead of wasting energy and releasing harmful substances in the process.

Minor it may seem, the proper scheduling of trips for delivery of materials is another way to follow green procedures. The more trips a delivery truck makes may mean more fuel used and more wear and tear of the vehicles. Instead of making as many as 50 trips for the delivery of materials, proper planning and scheduling may limit these trips to as low as 20 trips. This reduction in deliveries would translate to huge savings of fuel, less release of harmful gasses, and may mean extending the life of the vehicle.

Recycling Demolished MaterialsRecycling Demolished Materials

Remodeling or renovating a home will always involve the removal or demolishing of old materials. Some of these demolished components may actually be useful, especially if the demolition work is done in a careful manner. Using these materials is a way of going green and at the same time offers you an opportunity to make savings. Examples of materials that may be recycled are shingles, flooring materials, and those used for framing works. Doing this may also mean less materials to be disposed thereby helping in the problem of waste disposal.

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