Three Tips to Make Your Kitchen Renovation Stress-Free

Is your biggest fear the stress of undertaking a kitchen renovation project? Learn how you can minimize the stress of your “living or surviving” through a major renovation.

It’s not unusual for busy professionals and families to often rely on take-out and reheating the leftovers. Perhaps you have had a caterer or two in your home and realized that your ovens and living areas aren’t suitable for entertaining.

Increase the value of your home by investing in a deluxe kitchen renovation. Renos are not just for resale value but for you to enjoy while you own your home.

We will give you a completion date which is only an estimate as it depends on multiple variables which may include your chosen fixtures arrive later than planned. You may be the type of customer who makes numerous changes along the way which ultimately impacts the final delivery date.

Tip 1:

Know the process and timeline – kitchen remodeling readiness tip

If you are planning hosting a major family event such as an engagement or family reunion to a dinner party to reveal your kitchen renovations you must communicate this date to ensure the kitchen can be completed in a realistic time line.

When you speak with us about your kitchen renovations we will the step-by-step details and how long each part of the project will take.

Tip 2:

Planning before the reno starts.

Enjoy choosing the tile, faucet, paint colours, and counter tops – before – the project begins. Time is required to order the materials and ensure it’s in stock when the renovation is underway.

Making the time to plan always reduces the impact of your kitchen renovation.

Tip 3:

We can also review ways to help keep the project flowing faster, such as keeping your pets and children out of the tradesmen way.

Tip 4:

If you buying a new refrigerator, move the old one to another area or even to an enclosed garage to hold your food. This will give the tradesmen more room to work.

Tip 5:

Buy disposable serving ware and plates so that you do not need to worry about getting into the kitchen to wash dishes. Anything that you can do to keep your sanity is worth thinking about.

Tip 6:

Before the contractor and crew arrive remove any expensive, antique or otherwise special items. All kitchen cupboards and items on the countertop must be removed.

If you have additional ideas or ways you have reduced your stress during any kitchen renovation please email us and we’ll add the tip to this blog post.

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