Tips to Make your Home Renovation a Greener Affair

Tips to Make your Home Renovation a Greener AffairRenovating one’s home can feel like a monumental undertaking for the average homeowner, and trying to find green and sustainable ways to do it makes the task even more challenging. But don’t worry, we at Monterrey Design Build Inc. have put together a list of tips to make your green renovation easier.

1. Examine your Layout before Starting

To reduce your home’s energy consumption, you want to think of ‘passive design,’ design that takes advantage of your climate patterns to maintain a relatively comfortable range of temperature in your living spaces. To do this, you must first the layout of the space.

2. Use the Right Materials

Make it a point to reuse materials from your home whenever possible. And when you do need new materials, try to search for local sources of recyclable, recycled, and sustainable materials. Sustainability is all the rage now in construction, so you’re bound to find something to fit your needs here in Toronto.

3. Be Smarter with your Water

You can make your home more sustainable by finding ways to collect and reuse water more efficiently. A good way to do this is by installing a water tank, which collects rainwater you can use for watering your plants, doing your washes, and even washing your clothes.

4. Switch to Better Lighting and Use More Natural LightTips to Make your Home Renovation a Greener Affair

When redesigning a space, consider how the windows are positioned in relation to the direction of sunlight. Does the space have east-facing windows? Can you afford to add a new one? This option is often more costly, but it does save you money otherwise spent on keeping your lights on during the day.

Another way to be smarter with light is to switch to more energy efficient artificial lighting. LEDs have grown to become the gold standard in this area, using up to 90 percent less energy than traditional bulbs.

5. Reuse and Recycle Renovation Waste

Breaking down an old wall? Don’t let all that old wood go to waste! Use whatever you can in side projects or better yet, sell whatever reusable items you may find at low prices to interested organizations.

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