Today’s Top Trends in Kitchen Renovations

For a kitchen that is clean, sleek and modern with a touch of timeless elegance, white cupboards and cabinets are extremely popular these days. Not only does it look great, white will go with pretty much any colour scheme and looks great with today’s stainless-steel appliances, which add a rich-looking touch to any kitchen.

• Also popular are specific work areas, which you can easily incorporate into your designs for your kitchen renovations. These work areas can be very simple or very elaborate, depending on your taste. Some ideas for work stations include coffee bars, baking stations, cutting areas, dining nooks and more.

• Something else that you may want to include in the plans for your kitchen renovations is a walk-in pantry. These are so handy to have and free up your cupboards for small appliances, dinnerware and cookware. Pantries are ideal for storing all of your non-perishable food items, and you can even include a built-in shelf for food preparation, so you will be near all of the ingredients you need.

• Granite countertops are becoming extremely popular. They are not as expensive as one might think, and they are extremely easy to care for. When it comes to cleaning granite counter tops, you don’t even need any expensive cleaners, just a soft cloth and warm water to wipe up spills.

• Don’t forget about using eco-friendly products. When it comes to kitchen renovations, there are all kinds of products available that are made from bamboo and wheat board, and contain little to no formaldehyde glues to pollute your indoor air.

• There are many more choices today when it comes to flooring, and depending on the color scheme or décor, you may want to use one of the new click laminate floors, which give you the beauty of hardwood without the hefty price.

Once you have decided on what you want to do for kitchen renovations, you need to put everything on paper, draw up some plans and apply for your Toronto building permit. Once everything is in place and your renovations are complete, you will have a kitchen that you will be proud of for many years to come.

If you have additional ideas or ways you have reduced your stress during any kitchen renovation please email us and we’ll add the tip to this blog post.

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