Useful Tips in Bathroom Renovation

Useful Tips in Bathroom RenovationWhen deciding on renovating the homes, almost always the bathroom becomes a priority over the other parts of the house. This becomes understandable for a number of reasons. It is a place where one never fails to use every day. And as such, one would like it to be attractive and comfortable to use. Another reason would be the fact that bathroom renovation would cost much less than remodeling other parts of the house. And perhaps more importantly, the bathroom has the smallest space and one would like to make it appear larger.

To help you in the renovation of the bathroom, particularly in making it appear more spacious and roomy, here are some useful tips coming from the experts:

Use the right colors

Colors have always been known to have an effect on the perceived size of any room. Dark colors always make rooms look smaller and confined. So in order to make the bathroom appear bigger, colors to be used should be those within the white to cream color spectrum. This applies also to the choice of tiles used in the flooring or part of the wall.

Provide spaces for hanging

More space would be available if hooks are utilized instead of space-consuming countertops. These hooks work as well in hanging towels, bathrobes, clothes, and other items. The space allocated for the countertops may be used for other purposes or simply to allow more space for the bathroom. One can choose different styles of hooks to add to the overall appeal of the bathroom.

Have the proper lighting

Having the proper lighting in the bathroom does not only help in making the bathroom look larger but also very important in creating the proper mood, adding appeal, and providing functionality. Too dim a light makes the bathroom come out smaller. And having inadequate light does not help when taking a look at the mirror at your face or hair. Experts advise not to limit the lights by just having one, usually located at the ceiling. Other lights may be added on the walls, particularly near the mirror. You can always put a dimmer switch if you choose to create different moods while using the bathroom.

Make the bathroom appear bigger with mirrors

The value of mirrors is not just limited to allowing you to see you face or appearance. Mirrors have a huge impact on the design of the bathroom and it helps in making it look larger. The reflection of the mirror also greatly aids in providing light inside. According to experts, you are not limited to just one mirror but may also install other mirrors in strategic locations.

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