Why Room Addition To Back Of House Is Your Best Bet In Toronto?

Adding a room to the back of the house is always a good idea for homeowners to create extra space and accommodate a few more people without turning home upside down. Lack of space in your home can often cause discomfort at family gatherings. If you are someone who regularly invites guests or extended family members for functions or regular events, then adding another room would solve your space crunch. But then the question is, where do we add the room, how do we do it and what are the benefits of adding the extra room. Let’s have a look at the answers!

Homeowners in Toronto prefer adding the room to the back of their houses as most properties have extra space there, and you may also consider taking the same route. If there’s no extra space at the back of your house, then you may consider adding another floor or add the room to the front of the house. Choose whichever is easier and convenient for you, and hire an expert contractor for easy and hassle-free services.

Benefits of Room Addition to the Back of the House

There are umpteen benefits of having a room at the back of the house. Some of the best benefits are:

Extra Space – The first and the most obvious benefit of having an extra room added to the back of the house is that you get to enjoy the extra space. Your home would have more usable space.

New Utility Room – It is also a suitable option to consider if you want to have a utility room. You’ll have a dedicated room for frequently used utilities, or use the space as your playroom, office, and other use more smartly.

Save Time, Effort, and Costs – When you want to organize a surprise party or event, you don’t have to worry about the space. With an extra room, you can easily and quickly arrange the stuff to host a fabulous house party or a meetup.

Increases Property Value – The more space you have in your home, the better are the property prices. Adding a room increases the property value significantly. Tenants also prefer your property when there is extra space. Reselling the property is also be easier and quicker.

Peace of mind – Above all, it gives you peace of mind. When you don’t have to worry about the space to accommodate your guests, not only your guests appreciate the privacy and comfort, but you also are in peace of mind.

Cost of Room Addition to the Back of the House

The cost of room addition varies from region to region. If you are considering home additions in the Toronto area, then it may slightly be on the higher side. It may be anywhere between $8000 to $12000. It primarily depends on the space and per square foot cost.

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Best Home Addition Company in Toronto

Any contractor who knows what you are looking for in the home addition is best for you. When it comes to the Toronto region, Monterrey Design Build is one of the best and most trusted contractors. We’re with our clients from Start To Finish for seamless completion of the project. We lay strong emphasis on customer experience because it is of utmost importance to us. Thousands of Torontonians have placed their trust in us for skilled and resources we have to carry out the work more effectively.

We ensure the safety of everyone and take all the necessary measures and precautions to comply with all the guidelines to fight the pandemic. We conduct regular temperature checks of our staff and keep them and their tools thoroughly sanitized. Our staff wears all the protective gear to keep everyone safe. If you are looking for a responsible and expert contractor, then you are in the right place. Contact us for more information.

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